Video Blog Episode 3 – Ground work

Some of the floor laying and demolition work we’ve been doing in Roger’s bungalow. The ground work before you see real progress.

Laying an insulated floor on top of concrete:
– Put down a damp proof membrane (DPM)
– Screw and nail down laths
– Cut Celotex to size and lay between laths
– Glue tongue and grooved chipboard to laths
– Hammer into place
– Screw down
Going around corners is the tricky bit.

Video blog Episode 2: Stripping the bungalow

Here is the second video in the series. Do let us know if you enjoy watching these.

Lessons learned so far:

1) If a tool is on offer from B&Q, and the box is unsealed, check the contents before you take it home.
2) Get everything you need on site before you start a job.
3) Be smart about clearing out rubble from demolitions straight away.

Music for Westacre

Very soon now, the first episode of the Westacre video updates will be uploaded to this site. I wanted a theme tune for those videos, so I was very excited when Barry Patterson came to visit and played a potential theme tune for us.

You’ll have to wait just a little longer for that, but here is Barry playing a meditation tune for the Westacre Online Courses. Enjoy!


Web site launch

Westacre’s web site tells you a lot about our dreams and aspirations for the next couple of years. Have a look around.

The Welcome to Westacre video in the right hand panel
The About menu
The Spiritual Centre menu

Have a look at things to come with our Teaser Trailer.

From now on, there will be regular updates on this web site, including new videos once a week, or as often as the camera, the editing software and Hilde are in the same place together. Hilde’s weekly blogs will also be posted here.

Please let us know what you think.

Welcome to Westacre

• a renovation project
• a future-proof, energy efficient home
• a place of beauty and creativity
• a working permaculture system
• a spiritual education centre
• a hippy retreat
• a place of prayer and ritual
• a gathering place for friends, family and tribe