Video Blog Episode 3 – Ground work

Some of the floor laying and demolition work we’ve been doing in Roger’s bungalow. The ground work before you see real progress.

Laying an insulated floor on top of concrete:
– Put down a damp proof membrane (DPM)
– Screw and nail down laths
– Cut Celotex to size and lay between laths
– Glue tongue and grooved chipboard to laths
– Hammer into place
– Screw down
Going around corners is the tricky bit.

2 thoughts on “Video Blog Episode 3 – Ground work

  1. Lots going on, I see!

    Out of interest – how do you avoid drilling through the waterproof polythene layer with the screws? Or does the water just not travel up?

  2. Obviously the screws do go through the plastic damp proof course. But it’s only a damp proof course. We’re not trying to prevent a flood.

    The point is to keep any condensation, which would form on the cold concrete, from rising into the insulation.

    Also, the point where the screw is, is where the baton is most tightly held down, so it’s less likely for damp to get out there.

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