Welcome to Westacre

This is our dream for a home and a way of life. Our vision is to create a place of peace and beauty where we can live lightly on the Earth. We dream a rich life of creativity and connection that uses a minimum of resources and is as self-sufficient as we can make it. And we would like to share it with you.

The Westacre property is an extended 1930’s house that was built in a mature orchard. It has been Alex’s family home since 1972. It sits on the Staffordshire-Shropshire border, on Kingswood Common near the village of Albrighton. The orchard is now a garden with many seasonal delights, surrounded by tall trees.

In the next couple of years, we intend to renovate the house and make it very efficient to run as well as beautiful. This will involve a lot of planning and hard work. At the same time, a start will be made on implementing a permaculture garden design.

In the longer term, Westacre will become a place of spiritual education and retreat.

You can lean about our evolving design ideas and renovation processes by following our adventures on The Project blog. Some courses and services from the Spiritual Centre are available now. As plans evolve, more courses and information will be added to this section.

Hilde Liesens

Hilde is a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Her passion is creating ritual space where people can celebrate the cycles of life and explore their spirituality. At Westacre, she intends to run a centre for individual retreat and group courses in Earth-based spiritual traditions. She travels to lead rituals celebrating the changing seasons and cycles of life. She also offers Tarot readings.
Hilde’s background is in adult education. She has many years’ experience teaching Dutch at the City Lit and private language schools in London. As a co-ordinator at City Lit, she has gained valuable experience to help her set up an education centre that reflects her passion.
Her personal blog can be found here.

Alex Tingle

Alex is the creative force behind the Westacre design and building process. After 20 years as a software engineer, he is looking forward to a change. He enjoys designing living spaces and implementing his ideas.

Recent Posts

Installing the underfloor heating manifold

We have finally completed the manifold for our underfloor heating system.

It has taken ages to
– design the system.
– fit the design into the space available.
– collect all the required bits of plumbing from various suppliers and retailers.
– puzzle it all together.
– test it.
– resolve the inevitable leaks.Manifold

Alex is usually quite good at producing plumbing that doesn’t leak, but this time, one of the connectors just didn’t want to hold water. Eventually he discovered a slight imperfection on the shiny manifold part and filed it off. That stopped that leak, but started off another one.

After a bit more puzzling and an added plastic o-ring, all is finally well. We are ready to pour concrete on our floors to cover the underfloor heating pipes. It’s a bit of a landmark.

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