Available after the Grand Opening.

A Westacre Retreat is an opportunity to explore your connection and essential unity with the Earth and all that lives upon her. Just come for a weekend and re-charge your batteries. Come for a week to work on your creative project, or to take a deep spiritual journey of mediation and ritual. Anything is possible.

Westacre has two guest rooms. The first is a double/twin room. The second is a small single room. There is a bathroom reserved for guests. You are welcome to share the house with us, but please respect our privacy after dinner.

The basic rate for B&B is £30 per person per night. Choose from the menu of retreat ingredients and ask for a quote for your personalised retreat.

Any work on the land that guests do is a credit to their account. Beyond the basic B&B charge, your work helps to pay for your retreat.

Retreat ingredients

• tea (tea/coffee with home-made cake)
• dinner
• personal ritual, including full preparation
• breath work
• permaculture experience – work on the land
• meditation
• creativity

Some example retreats:

Weekend Hideaway

Just come and stay with us for the weekend. Enjoy the house and the garden. Go for walks nearby or further afield. Relax and come to your senses.

Westacre Living

Come for a weekend or a longer time, and slot into the Westacre rhythm of life. Take part in Hilde’s daily meditation, ritual, gardening, work and creativity routine. Take time to reflect and relax.

Gateway Retreat

An opportunity to make a deep exploration of your life, your soul, and your connection to all beings. An intense weekend or week of meditation, reflection and preparation leading up to a personalised ritual and a time of integration.

Permaculture Experience

Take a few days or a week to get a hands-on experience of a developing permaculture system. Get your hands dirty and learn some of the principles and practices of practical permaculture living and gardening.

Ritual Retreat

Explore ways of working ritually to strengthen connection and unity between all beings. You will work intensely together with Hilde for the good of all beings. The shape this will take will depend on you and your guiding spirits’ input as much as on Hilde and hers.

Create your own

All suggestions are welcome. Let’s work together to create a retreat that fits you perfectly.


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