Available from January 2013

If you would like to learn more about the thinking behind our house renovation or our permaculture garden, come for a visit. While building works are going on, you may be asked to get your hands dirty. At certain times, we’ll be very grateful for some extra help. When we’re settled in, we’ll be happy to talk to you over tea and cake for a couple of hours. If you would just like to take some time to rest and reflect in the garden, you’ll be welcome, too. Just contact us to arrange a time.

2 thoughts on “Visit

    • Hi Chris,
      Yes we have considered solar power. And we will use it.
      We won’t install Solar PV panels, because we are totally surrounded by trees and the roof is pointing in the wrong direction.
      We will use Solar hot water, as those heat up quite satisfactorily in less direct sunlight.
      I have corrected the link to our contact details in the post above. The link now goes to the page that tells you very exactly where we are. Do contact us before you come, though. We might have plans for the day.

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