Calling peace in unsettled times

I have been out of sorts, in more ways than one. As I was committing more of my time to the renovation project, my spiritual practice slipped. And when that happens, trouble is usually soon to follow. It’s not always obvious though, when things start slipping. I have been very busy working away and feeling very [...]

A meditation for personal healing

It was a beautiful day yesterday. In the morning I was out early, climbing our scaffolding tower to get to the upstairs windows. At the level of the trees’ canopies, I was applying filler to the gap between the new windows and the wall. The wind made the trees speak to me as I worked. In [...]

Weaving ritual for a new world

Slowly, slowly, we are weaving a new world in the cracks of the old. Everywhere, people are coming together to make communities closely connected to the land. Last week, I had the honour of speaking at the Rainbow Druid Camp, where hundreds of people came together to celebrate and find inspiration. At the same time, [...]

Making community with the natural world: a first step

So where do we start? We are in this predicament where millennia of seeing ourselves as separate has brought us to the brink of disaster. We need to create a new way of seeing ourselves in relation to the natural world. In the past week or two, there has been some controversy among my friends on [...]

Weaving the Magic of Connection

The world is changing, and the change is human-made. In response, we are weaving a new world of community with all beings. We have, in a very short time, degraded the environment so far that some of its creatures cannot survive. The rate of extinctions is speeding up. News of mass deaths, of fish and of [...]

Weaving a new world

I was feeling overwhelmed. I needed to refresh my motivation. So I started typing, and after a long time of dancing around the subject, this came out: So time to stop prevaricating. It’s not like we’ve got a lifetime for this. The world is unravelling around us now. We need to learn to live in that [...]

Our animal senses

A step on the Pathway of Love. “If we continue to speak of other animals as less mysterious than ourselves, if we speak of the forests as insentient systems, and of rivers and winds as basically passive elements, then we deny our direct, visceral experience of those forces. And so we close down our senses, and [...]

Living in a body

A step on the Pathway of Love. If you’d told ten-year-old me that I was going to end up with a life of gardening, DIY and nature spirituality, I would have declared you mad. I was a very quiet and shy girl whose default mode was sitting indoors with a good book. My life mostly happened [...]

Love heals

A step on the Pathway of Love This time of year is just so… green. Life is fresh and new and full of promise. Flowers shine in every colour. The world is making love to itself, making love to the long day and the warm sun. Just being outside in it makes your heart sing along [...]

Please help a shy person make community

A step on the Pathway of Service The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids is quite a big part of my life, if I stop to think about it. It gives me an extended family of like-minded souls that is a source of enormous inspiration and strength. I am deeply grateful for everything it has [...]