A holiday for the mind

We’ve had a well-deserved break at Westacre. We worked very hard last year, with very few breaks. So we enjoyed ten days of doing not very much except sitting by the fire and imitating the stillness of Nature. Not having to get up early, my meditation practice moved from the darkness well before dawn to mid-morning. [...]

Back to the bones – essential spiritual practice

Midwinter. The darkest of dark. The day passes so quickly it is barely there. Our days have turned into night. And yet in the heart of that velvet black, we reach a turning point. Right there in the shadows, a new light is sparked. This night, three such turning points come very close together. Less than an [...]

7 steps to meeting your spirit guide

Sitting on the Hag’s Chair at her temple, I could feel the power of the land rising through the hill beneath me. The power of the place enveloped me and flowed through me. And in that moment I heard her whisper in the wind: “I am your bones.” The Goddess who guides me is ancient. [...]

The washing machine of change

I’m having a washing machine kind of time. You know, when lots of impressions and ideas and thoughts and plans just churn around and are jumbled together like clothes in a washing machine. It feels quite unsettling. It’s all to do with trying to get some traction for the Westacre Spiritual Centre as a business. I [...]

Rooted in trust – five easy steps

At the Autumn Equinox, I committed to creating and nurturing community in my life. I strongly believe that remembering our communality with each other and the natural world is what will make all the difference as old certainties crumble. Back then, I promised before my gods: “I commit to taking the steps that will grow my [...]

Making magical connections

We all need more magical connections. By connection I mean any link or relationship you have with the world around you. With other people, of course, but also with the other living beings and objects around you. All these connections keep you alive and make you the person you are. These connections become magical when you feel [...]

Harvesting the strength of community

What a year it has been. As I contemplate my year’s harvest at the Autumn Equinox, I give thanks for what Alex and I have achieved. For the fact that the weather has mostly been very kind. For the continued health of our bodies and our relationship. But the thing that strikes me most is how [...]

A safe space for dangerous emotions

“Ritual. It’s an interesting word. It has a certain flavour to it, heady and dangerous.” - from Ritual Toolkit Our culture, and as a consequence most of us, are a bit funny about emotions. We don’t quite know what to do with them. We are afraid of them, scared that they will get someone hurt. So [...]