Crossing boundaries

We urgently need to do things differently. The industrial growth society we have built is destroying the natural world. It is no longer tenable. We need to build a new world in the shadow of the old. There are many people across the globe building aspects of that new world. People are rediscovering or reaffirming […]

Celebration: fertile soil for a flourishing world

For several weeks now, I’ve been working closely with soil. I have given it the mulch and fertiliser it needs to thrive. I’ve sown seeds in it and watched baby plants grow. And I have relished eating the first fresh greens. I witnessed very closely how important a good, healthy soil is. As a Druid, […]

A Council of the Wildwood

Sitting in a sacred circle, we listened intently. The spirits of the Wildwood spoke. Each in turn they gifted us with their wisdom, their warnings, their love. Three of us created and held a safe space where people could explore their relationship with a spirit of the Wildwood. Nine others took the journey, staying close […]

Giving gifts to the soil

Working on my raised vegetable bed, I’m learning once again that soil is alive. Every time I dig into the earth, I meet beetles, worms and centipedes. Apart from those, the soil is teeming with micro-organisms and fungi and all sorts of things that you can’t even see with the naked eye. All of them […]

Making magical connections against the coming storm

“We urgently need to do — and I mean actually do — something radical to avert global catastrophe. But I don’t think we will. I think we’re fucked.” – Stephen Emmott, 10 Billion Those aren’t easy words to read. They’re harder still to take in. Even though I have intellectually known this for years, seeing […]

Worth, value, and the cycle of gift giving

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been considering some new ideas for the Westacre Spiritual Centre. I am developing a programme of one-to-one mentoring for younger or less experienced Pagans. The question, as always, is how to charge for that. The whole issue has brought up a host of other thoughts about my […]

In love with life

Every so often, I fall in love with life again. Suddenly, everything feels fresh and new, and I get excited just taking it all in. This is one of those times. I don’t know what it is. The time of year is helping, with Westacre’s drifts of snowdrops promising Spring. But this could happen just as [...]

Hatching a new life

Something significant appears to be happening. It has kind of come out of nowhere. Or perhaps I should have been expecting it. A lot of strands in my life are coming together and it feels as though something new is about to be born. Something that hasn’t quite ever been before. It dawned on me, for [...]

Who does the Grail serve? An Imbolc healing

I feel immensely grateful and privileged to be part of a very special spiritual community. We are a pretty random and ever-evolving group of Druids who camp together four times a year, at the major festivals. Every camp is different, but each one offers challenges and opportunities for healing. This time, I went to camp with [...]

The place beyond emotion

Over the years, I have come to accept that my spiritual life goes on a break when I’m visiting my mum in Belgium. Even when I manage to carve out some time for meditation, it never really works there, for whatever reason. So it’s good to get back home and pick up the thread again. For [...]