The Magic of Connection

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‘The Magic of Connection’ is a short course that takes you into shared meditation with the spirits of the land where you live.

The Magic of Connection consists of nine short meditations. They combine into a meditative ritual practice, connecting you deeply to the land and to yourself. I have been doing this meditation daily in my garden for years, and it has been a great source of healing and comfort in difficult times. Give it a go!

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The course includes:

your time investment 10-15 minutes a day
content 9 pdf instalments e-mailed weekly
7 short audio meditations
1 video of the complete meditation
extra subscription to the Westacre Newsletter


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15 thoughts on “The Magic of Connection

    • Thank you, Katie. I’ll let you know when the course is up and running. Have you liked the page on Facebook yet?

      Best of luck to you, too. Enjoy the sunshine in France!

  1. Hi hilde what a lovely beautiful thing you are sharing here- thank you muchly and hope you are feeling better. Love to you x

  2. Would be really interested in hearing more Hilde. Sounds like just what I need at present. Hope you are feeling a lot better and look forward to hearing from you. Blessings to you both from the beautiful Vyrnwy.
    Ardan x

    • Thank you, Ardan. Long time no see. I hope you are happy and thriving.
      You can get this little course by clicking on the big green button at the top of the page. I’m developing the next course, Ritual Toolkit, which will hopefully be ready by the time the first subscribers finish The Magic of Connection. Like our Facebook page or check back here for all the news.

      • Yes very well thank you Hilde. I pressed the green button but it said I was already subscribed. Yet to hear anything otherwise but that may just be my dyspraxia.
        Please let me know if I’ need to do anything else. Looking forward to it. Take care. Ardan x

        • Hm, interesting. You should have had your first instalment by now. Have a look in your spam box?
          You should have had an e-mail from us just after midday yesterday.

          • Indeed that is exactly what happened Hilde. I have now dug out both and thanks very much. Maybe this old e mail. address would work better as it it not quite so vicious with what it thinks might be spam. Sorry about that. I”m looking forward to working with it. Ardan

  3. Ah! there I was collecting every issue when you’d organised a booklet for the last posting. Maybe tell people that at the beginning.

    I thought the course was great – thought provoking for the old hand and an excellent introduction for a novice. Still think numbers on each text would be useful.

    Love and blessings x

      • Hi – can’t play the video – it just comes up as a blank screen with a moving cursor. Any ideas? I tried putting it into VLC without success. x

        • Hi Liz,

          I have sent you an e-mail with a new link to the video.

          People who received part 9 last Friday may have similar problems. We will get a YouTube link and two download links to everyone as soon as possible.

  4. absolutely wonderful! I have meditated for a long time but this was a delightful way to dig back in and stretch my wings…ty so much for sharing it with no cost…I feel closer and more awake and aware to this world we live in and am definitely more mindful in practice daily. Things are not always perfect . They don’t need to be , for in imperfection they are what they are..and they are beautiful, as we all are and the world we are a part of. The native american indians had a saying when praying-aho mitakye oasin-to “all of my relations” that is what your course has done..remind me of all of my relations.ty!

    • Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Ann. I am so glad the course has been helpful and meaningful to you. And indeed, helping people find their connection with ‘all our relations’ is exactly what I was aiming for. Blessings on your path.

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