Westacre Day! It begins here

Westacre Day!

We have arrived. To celebrate the Winter Solstice, and our official moving-in day, we lit a fire in the garden this evening. We spoke words of gratitude for the past, and infused the fire with our intent for the future:

To walk more lightly on the earth, to find ways of living more sustainably, and to inspire other people to do the same.

We added prayers for our Druid Camp tribe and our world at this time, and then transferred the fire to the hearth in the house. Every time we light this fire, we will re-light our intention and keep it alive.

Our blessings for the Solstice to all of you. May the new light inspire you and shine on you steadily in the year to come.

Find the sacred space deep within #spiritual #inspiration #reconnect

In the face of depressing climate truths(‘inconvenient’ was the understatement of the century), what are we to do? The easy and the natural reaction is to deny, ignore, and push away these truths.

Sacred space (geograph.org.uk)

We can’t afford to do that any more. We need to be strong and do whatever we can. Between the 7 billion of us, we are powerful beyond measure.

And we can find the strength. Deep within each one of us is a sacred space, a haven of safety, that cannot be touched. It is bone deep and rock solid. Find yours. It is the foundation of your gift to this world. A gift that is so needed.

Weave yourself together #spiritual #inspiriation

When the stresses of life make you feel scattered, remember the many threads that make you who you are: the love of the Ancestors, the inspiration of Spirit, the support of Earth. The air that we all breathe together, the light that fires us up, the waters that give us healing.

Feel all these things flowing through you, and remember who you are: a child of the Universe, intimately woven into the tapestry of being.

You are a vessel of blessing for the world #spiritual #inspiration

Do you know that still part of yourself. The one that seems to be at peace, no matter what? Sometimes it is hard to find, but it is always there, waiting for you.

That still place is the deepest truth of you. It is the place where you touch the Divine Life of the Universe. The more you go to that place, the easier it is to find. And from there, you can bless the world with your presence.

The only way around difficult feelings is right through the middle

I have always tended to push away difficult feelings. The consequences are many. The tension in my body is always with me. Yet I know the answer to this. Pushing away what is difficult shuts me down, body and soul. The more I do it, the less I am able to deeply feel even the joys of life. What I need to do is find the courage to face life, all of it, and journey deeply into every feeling.