Insulating the loft

This last week or so, Alex has started constructing a floor in the loft. When it is finished, we will be insulated from the cold by a lasagne of many layers.

The ceiling will be made of ordinary plasterboard. We’re not just attaching it to the bottom of the joists, though. We’re raising the ceiling a little by putting the plasterboard half way up the joists.

Above the plasterboard, we’re having a cosy layer of non-mineral insulation wool.

Next is the OSB floor that is being installed right now. It is tongue-and-grooved on four sides, so it fits together tightly. Any gaps are filled with the black sticky stuff that we’re also using on the external wall inslation.

On top of the OSB we’ll be putting 15 cm of Celotex insulation foam. Around the edges, where the roof comes down low, there will be woollen insulation instead.

And finally, on top of the Celotex, we’re putting a layer of thin plywood. We will need to be able to walk around in the loft, as it will be the nerve centre of our house, with lots of pipes, cables and ducts leading off in all directions.

We are doing this work now, so that we have something more than just plaster board, floor boards and roof tiles separating us from the frosty night air. It should instantly give us some more warmth in our temporary flat.

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