Raised beds in a permaculture garden

Alex has spent several days digging foundations for our new raised bed. We’re going for large and tall. Raised beds have many advantages, but the hight we are going for is a bit of an experiment.

People have been constructing raised beds for vegetable growing for many years. Here are some of the very good reasons to do so:

Raised beds, when used with a no-dig system,
• improve drainage: the organic materials that fill them are ideal moisture regulators.
• save labour after the initial build.
• easier to get to: not as much bending over.
• contain the ideal nutrient mix for your veggies if you add mulches and natural amendments.
• usually improve yields.
• add different levels to your garden, making it look interesting.

We’re going for a multi-level raised bed, with the larger part of it quite high indeed. We’re making it about as high as a kitchen counter, but narrow enough that we can reach all parts without stretching. To contain that amount of soil, we are constructing sturdy walls. Hence the digging.

We're building a large and high raised bed. To contain all that soil, we need sturdy sides.

We’re building a large and high raised bed. To contain all that soil, we need sturdy sides.

One of the main aims of our gardening project is to grow more food. This raised bed will help us do that, in various ways.

  1. We are adding a significant amount of vegetable growing space.
  2. The bed is located by the South wall of the house, one of the few sunny spots in the garden.
  3. It’s close to the house, so we’ll be able to keep an eye on our plants very easily, weeding as we pass.

The raised bed will make it easier for us to reach our goal, to grow more vegetables, in different ways. And that is a principle of good permaculture design.

2 thoughts on “Raised beds in a permaculture garden

  1. yes, i definitely agree with this post that raised beds are always beneficial especially for vegetables plants to grow easily and improves the yields.

    • I certainly hope so, James, as there are now several metres of concrete foundations right by the patio! Fingers crossed it’ll be worth it.

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