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This is a new kind of post for the Westacre blog. I regularly come across articles that are inspiring, interesting or useful. I’m sharing them here with you, hoping you’ll find something you like. Please comment if any of it touches you.

Climate and Environment

Countering the “We Will Adapt” Argument Against Action on Climate Change by Green Steve
An argument for starting to adapt sooner rather than later, if we are to face the changes with some kind of comfort.

Re-design society’s need for ‘extreme’ energy by Nicole Vosper
We are doing irreversible damage to whole ecosystems to get at the oil. Time to re-design our society away from the need for fossil fuels.

Stolen spring by John Walker
There was frost on the grass this morning, Satruday 27 April 2013. If the long cold winter is caused by the arctic ice melting, this fictional evocation could be a possible future…


Druidry and Ancestral connections

Ubiquitous Ash by Jos Smith
A personal relationship with the Ash tree, and a call to write its poetry before it goes the way of the Elm.

Stonehenge occupied 5000 years earlier than thought
BBC report on a dig funded with redundancy money that made some interesting discoveries about the Ancestors of Stonehenge.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
Philip Carr-Gomm, Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, on how he feels about the future.

Bishop Swing interviews Matthew Fox
If it wasn’t for Matthew Fox and his rather revolutionary Christianity, I would not be a Druid  now. Some interesting takes on the Church and its teachings.


Permaculture and gardening

Connecting the dots by Jeremy Wickremer
To find solutions to interrelated problems, we need to take a wider view and see the connections between them. Permaculture design can help.

Garlic mustard recipes
We’ve got quite a lot of it in the garden. So we might as well use the stuff. I haven’t tried these recipes yet, but I soon will.



World Drum at Cae Mabon by Barry Patterson
My friend Barry’s experience with the World Drum in poetry and music

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